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Shorewest Shares: Your Garden Planting Guideline

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It’s finally spring in Wisconsin, which means one thing — it’s almost time to plant your garden! Each vegetable grows better at a different temperature, allowing your growing season to be extended.

If you don’t have a lot of space, you may need to rethink what you will plant, or build a vertical growing frame. It’s important to plan ahead and build the proper growing frame to your goal. When starting to plan your garden, decide what vegetables you want to grow.

The following list will help you plan for your favorite vegetables this summer:

PlantSeed IndoorsTransplant OutdoorsSeed Outdoors
CarrotsApril 22
Leaf LettuceApril 22
Head LettuceMarch 22May 8
SpinachApril 22
RadishApril 22
BroccoliMarch 22May 8
Early CabbageMarch 22May 8
CauliflowerMarch 22May 8
EggplantMarch 22June 8
PeppersApril 8June 8
Annual phloxApril 8May 17
SnapdragonsApril 8May 17
Dianthus/pinksApril 8May 17
TomatoesApril 22May 27
BasilApril 22May 27
MarigoldsApril 22May 27
MuskmelonMay 8June 3
PumpkinMay 8June 3May 27
SquashMay 8June 3May 27

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