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Shorewest Shares: How to Brighten Up A Room

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As spring is in full bloom, it’s time to brighten up your rooms and enjoy the sunshine. A few simple, cost-effective changes can help renew your space. Here are eight cost-effect ways to brighten up a room:

  • Add a plant. Adding a plant helps bring color indoors, along with a fresh smell.
  • Add a mirror. Mirrors reflect light around the room and can help small spaces look bigger.
  • Re-paint. A freshly painted wall changes the color of the room, but can help brighten it up, too.
  • Rethink your curtains. If privacy isn’t an issue, add sheer curtains. You can also raise your curtain rod to allow maximum light in.
  • Change your accessories. Adding a new rug can give a room a whole new meaning. Adding new throw pillows with a pop of color can help brighten up a room as well.
  • Rearrange your furniture. Experiment with your furniture. If you have a large window, try not to put lots of furniture in front of it.
  • Clean windows and screens. Once you wash the winter out of your windows, open them and allow the light and smell of fresh air in!
  • Add fresh flowers. Colorful vases and bright flowers can make any dull room brighter!

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