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Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

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Home insulation is a very important function in your home.  Insulation is designed to minimize heat transfer from your home and the outside weather.  Whether it’s warm air from your home battling the cold temperature during the winter months, or the heat outside trying to warm your cooler home during the summer months, a lack of insulation can send your energy bills soaring.shutterstock_37825697To determine if your home has adequate insulation, you may consider having a home-energy audit done.  This process can identify where insulation may be lacking, find air leaks and examine the R-value of your existing insulation. It will help you identify the type of insulation you need, i.e., batts, loose fill, rigid boards and/or expanding sprays, based on the specific applications and benefits you require.  An unfinished attic, for example, will use different insulation than a masonry wall in a basement.

When installing the best chosen insulation for your home, it is critical to have proper ventilation path between the insulation and the building exterior. Blocking soffit, ridge, or gable vents in the roof can create moisture problems which could lead to mold issues.

For help finding contractors that can help with your insulation needs or any home-related service project, contact your Shorewest, REALTOR!

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