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Five Spring Fix-Ups That Will Help Save Money

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Spring is upon us! That means helping our homes and yards out after the long winter treatment. These are easy fixes that will help maintain your yard to be the best it can be.


Stain the Fence. The winter sunlight can cause the boards to start flaking or coming apart, allowing water inside and causing it to discolor and warp. Staining will allow the fence to breathe again, helping maintain shape and finish.

Fix Up Pathways. From water freezing and thawing and freezing over and over again, your pathways may need some tender loving care. Make sure to trim growth, also reset and replenish your pavers so that no one will take a tumble walking in your yard.

Tidy Up the AC Unit. This piece of equipment doesn’t get much thought beyond if it breaks, but paying attention to it in the beginning of the season can increase efficiency and cut down costs. Start by trimming any bushes or branches nearby that may impede airflow. Next, make sure to turn off the power and carefully brush out debris from the fins. Hose it down and check out if you have any bent fins or pieces that need replacing from a harsh winter.

Check on Your Composting Pile. While the heap out back has been turning your fall leaves and such into gardening soil that is gold, it is possible that there have been animal visitors. Check to see if there are any nests, clean up the soil that has escaped, and make sure to turn over the pile for its natural progression.

Add a Raised Garden Bed. You can extend your gardening season by facilitating better drainage and because the soil in a raised bed warms up and thaws out faster after a frost. Even a small version can yield up to $100 in home grown fruits and vegetables.

These quick and easy fixes can help make a world of difference for your yard! Spring is the time to replenish and repair what winter has hounded over and over again. As always your Shorewest, REALTOR® is here to help you make decisions on what would best benefit your home for future sales! #ShorewestRealtors #DIY #HomeImprovement

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