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Five Concessions to Consider Making while Buying a Home

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When you look for your first home or your fifth, you will most likely have a long list of must-haves, wants, and wishes. However when looking at this list you will probably have to pare it down or make some compromises. While your dream home is out there, it possibly will not have everything on your list. To make your life easier, follow these five concessions during your home search.shutterstock_401695000Location, location, location. You hear over and over that you can’t budge on location. Well we are here to tell you that this is the first thing most buyers are willing to budge on. You want the downtown night life and walking distance to everything, however this all comes at a significant price tag and smaller square footage! Look a little outside of the hub and you can find the perfect home.

Speaking of square footage, this is the next standard to go. This goes both ways, some people give up the square footage to fit into a smaller home right where they want it to be. However some people end up gaining more square footage than they thought they could originally have. Something to keep in mind is if your family is expanding in the near future, it might not be a good idea to fit in a tight squeeze if you are adding on family members.

Home and Garden Landscaping. Many buyers fantasize about having the perfectly landscaped backyard complete with in-ground pool, swing set, tennis court and outdoor kitchen. That is until they see what they have to shell out or give up in order to get it. Sometimes having a backyard that can fit a flower bed and swing set really is enough!

Garages with two-car capabilities. For first-time home buyers or people moving to the suburbs, it is often a surprise when not all of the homes they are looking at have two-car garages. Older homes in these areas frequently do not have this feature. Garages are an easy thing to compromise on, whoever makes dinner, gets the car space!

Going from a Craftsman bungalow to a Cape Cod. We know that you have your heart set on a specific architecture but that could really limit you from finding your dream home! Other homes will have different features, prices and advantages that you are blocking yourself from seeing. It is within your best interest to keep an open mind and fall in love with a home style you never thought you would!

Compromises are ok! It is good to keep this in mind while home searching and buying. You would never want to cut yourself off from finding or buying your dream home because of limitations you have set on yourself. Now go to and find the home that is waiting for you! #ShorewestRealtors #FirstTimeHomeBuyers

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