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A Cozy Getaway

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Whether it is your first chilly season in Wisconsin or your hundredth, you know that you’ll want somewhere warm and comfortable to escape to when the weather outside looks less than ideal. Don’t worry一you don’t have to do a total home remodel to get the cozy room of your dreams! Use these ideas to transform your space without breaking the bank.

Add Area Rugs

If your floor is feeling empty and drab, add an area rug to liven up the space. Not only do area rugs add texture and depth to your room visually, but they feel nice! Who doesn’t feel cozy when there’s a soft, plush rug under their feet?

Lights On

For many people, early sunsets are one of the hardest parts of winter. No one likes driving home from work in the dark! Make sure that you have floor lamps in your cozy space一lamps add warmth and make up for the natural light that is missing during the cooler months. Don’t forget to take advantage of natural light when you do have it, though!

Year Round Greenery

When looking to make a room more inviting, plants of all shapes and sizes are always a good idea. Flowers, succulents, tall plants and small plants all bring the outdoors in and remind us of warmer temperatures, as well as providing a pop of color and a pleasant fragrance to the room. 

Wooden Touches

Adding wooden pieces to a room creates a rustic, lived-in feel. Incorporate furniture that has a lighter finished wood, as it will reflect any light in the room, making it feel brighter and more welcoming. A darker finish on hardwood floors will pair well with walls that are painted with light colors, and balance out the room without washing it out or darkening it too much.

Cozy Blankets

Of course, no winter escape would be complete without a few big, cozy blankets. Make sure you have plenty available so that everyone who wants to sit and hide from the snow is able to have their own comfy space!


A cozy room should include everything that makes you feel the happiest. When designing your indoor safe haven, make sure that you incorporate both the items listed above as well as items that are personal to you and what you like. Books, candles and any other items you love are the perfect things to add to your new favorite, personalized room! 

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