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Stay Safe While Shoveling Snow this Winter

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We all dread the winter season in Wisconsin. Shoveling snow is the task that makes even more of a nuisance. We tend to forget how strenuous shoveling our driveways and sidewalks can be to our bodies.

It is recommended that we don’t shovel if we have a heart condition or have low physical activity. Shoveling puts stress on our hearts and can lead to sudden or serious problems.

Do not drink any caffeine or eat a big meal before shoveling. These factors can stress your heart even before you go out in the cold.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Hydrate your body before, during and after
  • Stretch to prevent harm to your body
  • Dress warm
  • Bend your knees as you shovel
  • Push the snow away from you

Remember, the equipment you use is as important, as well. Plastic shovels tend to be more user friendly and are lighter for you to handle over a metal shovel. Having a smaller blade with silicone lubricant can also make the task easier.

If possible, try to go out a couple of times to clear off the first few inches to prevent a heavier job if the snow is consistently coming down.

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