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Protect Your Home with a Monitored Alarm System

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Our homes should be the safest place in our everyday lives, but there are uncontrollable circumstances where we need to take measures to secure our residence. For instance, burglaries are a common occurrence in Wisconsin. Burglaries seem like random acts, but there is a simple method used by burglars to scope-out houses. They tend to select homes that are unoccupied with easy access.

Affordable security alarms are available for any type of budget to help prevent criminal intrusion. The cost of an alarm system depends on the type of system you need and the major concerns you have about protecting your home.

“Our systems are custom designed,” explained Casey Pisarek of H&S Protection Systems, Inc. “We can [provide] any intrusion alarm to fit any budget.”

During your analysis of what type of alarm system works for your home, you should consider having a monitored system installed.

Why should you consider a monitored system? Your un-monitored home alarm can go off, but what type of response will it receive from neighbors or people in the general vicinity?

“How often do you hear a car alarm going off – do you respond?” questioned Pisarek. “Of course not, a home alarm going off has the [potential for the] same public response.”

Monitored systems help alert your security company, which in-turn, notifies local police or fire department of any issues at your residence.

“With a monitored system, the operator that receives an alarm signal will respond or call the police,” added Pisarek.

A misinformed aspect of a monitored alarm is that homes need to have landlines in order to have an operational system, but Pisarek states that is not true.

“Most of our clients don’t [have landlines] or are in the process of switching the traditional family phone to a cellular device for each member,” Pisarek said. “We can provide a cellular communication device to transmit alarm signals.”

Another common question Pisarek asked is, “Can I still get an alarm if I have pets?”

“Yes. Motion sensors are now pet immune to a specific size or we can use glass breaks,” said Pisarek.

Securing your home should be the top priority on your list to ensure that it is a safe place for you and your family. As Pisarek mentioned, there are affordable systems that can be customized to help protect your home. For any home related projects, contact your Shorewest, REALTOR to find pre-screened security companies or contractors in your area.

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