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Five 2019 Smart Home Technologies

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In 2019 the technology that connects your home is not the wave of the future but the way it is now. Gadgets and gizmos that interface with each other and yourself is now the expectation. Here we will looking into five different devices that elevate your home and your experience.Facebook Share Image 02_25

1. A smart thermostat. While most thermostats are programmable for what temperature you would like and when, 2019 thermostats have the ability to do all of the programming for you. Even sensing when you’ve left your home by using your phone’s location to automatically enter eco mode, saving you even more money on your energy bills.

2. A smart plug. Use this smart plug to control your home appliances through voice commands to your smart assistant. By using your smart plug you can schedule to automatically turn them on or off when you are away on vacation or just at work. Use them for energy-saving purposes as well!

3. A smart lock. For ease of use or increased security, consider a keyless entry to your home. Be able to unlock or lock your home anywhere via your smart phone and never have to worry about losing your key again!

4. A smart doorbell. Now have the ability to see who is at your door from your phone. By using a smart doorbell, you can have 24/7 access to a high-definition video of your front porch. You also have the option to prerecord messages, look back at your footage from the day and even receive special detection alerts and visuals for visitors and packages.

5. A smart light bulb. Who would have thought that a smart light bulb could make all of the difference? With a hub that connects them to other smart home devices, you can synchronize your bulbs with content on your computer. For example, you can set your lights to flash and change color in time with music, videos or movies being played.

Smart gadgets are more than just smoke and mirrors. They can add a real convenience to your life and also help you save on heating and energy costs, alert you if someone is trying to break in and more! Smart technology has revolutionized how we live and interact in our homes. The future is now.

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