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Create an Inspiring Home Office

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Although working from home is convenient, it can introduce many new obstacles to your work day. Whether you’ve been working from home for years, or it has recently become your new norm, these tips will help you turn your home office into an inspiring space for productivity and creativity. 


  • Choose a Home Office Space


Dedicate one area in your home that will be used for work. Ideally this would be a small room where you can close the door when you need to separate work life and home life. If you are limited on space, do your best to find a dual-purpose area where you can set up your workstation.



  • Brighten Things Up


Dark, gloomy spaces are not exciting or inspiring as a home office. Play around with the lighting in your space to get it just right for you. To avoid eye strain, your computer monitor should match the brightness level of the room. Also, be sure to place your computer monitor in an area of the room where you’ll avoid catching a glare from the windows. 



  • Get Comfortable 


Neck and shoulder pain can be an issue for those who spend hours working at computers. Try elevating your computer monitors to eye-level to reduce strain on the neck. Another big factor in comfortability is your work chair. An unsupportive chair can wreak havoc on your body and, in turn, your productivity. It’s important to find an office chair that is most comfortable for you and adjust it appropriately.



  • Stay Organized


Being unorganized can lead to frustration and lack of motivation. Start at your desk and remove everything that isn’t used daily. Make sure you can use your computer comfortably. Once your desk feels de-cluttered, redistribute the things you removed into other areas of the room using containers, cabinets and bookshelves to keep things organized. Avoiding clutter will help to keep stress levels low. 



  • Stimulate Your Senses


Add some color! Paint an accent wall, or add something more temporary like small accessories in your favorite color. To stimulate your sense of smell, choose a scented candle or diffuse essential oils that promote focus and concentration. The goal is to make your home office a space you enjoy spending time in. 


Implement these tips to turn your home office into a place that sparks creativity and promotes productivity!


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