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6 Eco-Friendly Giftwrapping Ideas

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Wrapping paper is designed for single-use only. Although some of us try to re-use it, realistically it can only be used once or twice before it is inevitably thrown in the trash. Most wrapping paper is non-recyclable, therefore it ends up in landfills.

Part of the fun of wrapping gifts is the chance to get creative! But that doesn’t have to involve materials that’ll end up in the landfill. Here are a few eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas to try this year.

  1. Reusable Totes
    This is one of the easiest gift wrapping options. Just place your items inside and you’re done! The best part is, the bag is functional and can be used for years to come.

  2. Newspaper
    Old newspapers are more affordable and sustainable than typical wrapping paper. Newspapers are printed locally each morning, read and then recyclable that same day.

  3. Odds and Ends
    You have things around the house you can use. Old ribbon, mason jars, boxes from things you’ve purchased online and not to mention all of those gift bags and tissue paper you’ve kept after receiving a gift.

  4. Fabric Wrap
    This holiday season, learn the Japanese tradition of furoshiki fabric wraps. Use scrap fabric, old bed sheets or clothing or fabric scarves for machine washable, 100% reusable gift wrap.

  5. Add A Natural Element
    Spruce up your neatly wrapped gifts with fresh flowers, eucalyptus, leaves and trimmings from your christmas tree. Add a little spice with the addition of a cinnamon stick.

  6. Brown Paper Bag
    You’ll need neutrals among all the gifts wrapped in patterned fabric, newspapers and leftover ribbon. Cut up a paper grocery bag and use the plain side for a sleek minimalistic look.

May your days be merry , bright and as eco-friendly ♻️  as possible!

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